Well, I’m in Amsterdam

March 22, 2008

I arrived at the Amersterdam airport around 5:30 in the morning their time, which is about midnight our time. It’s a very weird time to experience in a major airport, since most of the terminal was almost totally devoid of people. I’ll be hanging out here until 2:00 when I catch the flight to Dubai, which well isn’t exactly fun. However, they seem to be very big here on making the terminals as nice as possible which I appreciate greatly. I checked out the meditation center (pretty) and the section of comfy chairs (all full=( and yes thats what its called) and had to physically restrain myself from blowing all of my money on a deep tissue massage=) I keep thinking of the Douglas Adams quote about airports (It can hardly be a coincidence that no society on earth has ever developed the expression “as pretty as an airport”…)

The plane ride over was uneventful. I discovered that Northwest has an excellent selection of old and new movies. I watched No Country For Old Men, which was good, and the old X-Files movie which was very strange to watch post 2005 and Katrina, since one of the key plot points is a plot by FEMA to stage a coup and gain control of the US government. (I almost wish I lived in a world where FEMA had the wherewithal to stage a coup.)

Anyway, I’m really excited to get to Dubai. My parents got me a digital camera for my birthday (My very first, I feel like I finally passed a milestone towards adulthood!) and I plan on taking a lot of pictures and uploading them on to the blog if all goes well. Apologies if this first post was a little rambling and tangential but its almost 4 in the morning on my body clock and I’m hyped up on espresso and trying to kill time until my flight.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this week possible!


One Response to “Well, I’m in Amsterdam”

  1. Leah said

    i’ve spent a fair number of hours at Schipol – you could do worse in terms of airports to be stuck in. i also recall the comfortable reclining chairs as well as these delicious dutch cookies called stroopwaffles. you have to get them. and bring some home for me.

    now we are on the same continent!

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