Insight Dubai Day 1

March 23, 2008

   I landed in Dubai around 11:30 last night but through one thing or the other (meeting up with other girls, meeting up with the driver, finding the car,etc.) we didn’t end up leaving the airport until almost 3.

So, while today got off to a very tired start, it was very cool. I met up with my “buddy” Duha,-the college pairs a foreign participant with a local Emirati student for the duration of the conference-she is also 20, studying pharmacy, and is very sweet=) In the morning, we toured the DWC campus which is suprising large and all very new and impressive.  In the afternoon, we watched two videos by a local female director/producer. One was a more standard Dubai tourism video, but we also watched a short she did on child abuse and talked with her about pushing the envelope in film in a conservative country, as well as what she was doing in order to build up the film industry in the UAE. Then we broke into the small groups that we will be for a lot of the activities. We did a few general icebreaker games and somehow, once we got more comfortable with each other, a very (nice) but spirited conversation erupted about the purposes and merits of Islamic dress.

Part of me feels like I should be summing up with some grand reflections about the day and Dubai in general, but I am a. far too tired right now and b. I sort of think I need to wait a few more days before Ill be able to process all of it in any coherent manner.

What I can say is that everyone’s been really nice, things look really interesting (I still havent been anywhere yet besides the hostel and college, Im excited to start touring things tomorrow) and Im very excited for the rest of the week.


One Response to “Insight Dubai Day 1”

  1. Rich Wener said

    Sounds great – can’t wait to see some photos (if the camera is charged and works!) Is the campus brand new? Are all the students local?

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