Insight Dubai Day 4

March 27, 2008

In the morning, me and my roommate had alittle bit of an adventure since we both overslept the alarm. (Sarah this is your turn to nod knowingly) Anyway, we missed the busses to the conference and we were going to hail a cab, but then someone told us it would be much quicker to walk. And naturally…we got horribly lost for about an hour. It wasn’t so bad walking around Dubai, but we were a little stressed to get to the college, since Sheikh Nahayan was supposed to speak, who is the national minister of education and head of  sortof, the network of colleges that DWC is part of. We actually made it there (after finally getting a taxi to stop for us, which was ridiculously difficult) just in time to see the Sheikh disembark from a helocopter on the campus lawn with his whole entourage behind him. It was really cool to watch.

Anyway, there was a big crowd for his speech and he spoke in English and was very nice. Then, for vaarious reasons, the event was also the occasion of the graduation of the first ever class of paramedics (about half men and half women) and lots of people gave speechs in arabic and I was proud cause I got phrases like graduating group, and life’s work, and contribution to the culture and development of dubai.

We also heard from the only women surgeon in Dubai, who gave a fantastically inspiring speech about her experiences. The rest of the afternoon was taken up with a sharia court simulation about inheritance law. Their was a hypothetical will we were given, which was being disputed as not being inaccordance with sharia, and we had to debate it.

Last, what we had been waiting for all day, the desert safari! We all drove out  in LandRovers and went “Dune bashing” which meant driving really fast up and down the sand dunes inside of the rovers. This was fantastically fun, until me and the other girl in the back seat got sick and each ended up vomiting. Anyway….the cars took us to kind of a bedouin encampment in the middle of the desert where we hung out for the rest of the night. It was gorgeous. We watched the stars, had dinner, did henna, rode camels, etc….There was a little dance floor in the middle and since all the men were outside, a bunch of the local girls took off their abayas and we all danced together.

Anyway…I’m trying not to think about the fact that this week is ending soon….Its been beautiful.


3 Responses to “Insight Dubai Day 4”

  1. Rich Wener said

    Thanks for the great blog updates.
    Hope the trip home Friday night is easy


  2. Lenna said

    I MISS YOU. Sounds like your trip is being mad interesting.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Robin said

    Ah, this sounds so amazing! It’s so cool that you could understand some of the graduation speech. Understanding actual speeches in another language is so different than understanding a professor or someone who’s speaking slowly and clearly to you. Very impressive. And the desert safari and bedouin encampment sound amazing. I am so jealous right now it’s hard to write nice things to you! I hope you have/had/are having a good flight back… call me up sometime!

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